All writing contained within this blog represents my own views and opinions, and does not reflect those of anyone else unless stated otherwise. Some photography or content might be obtained from different resources just for the posts purpose and they are marked by a photo/content credit. Only publicly released data are used throughout this blog and sources are explicitly stated by name, year, and URL at the bottom of each post. If there are any issues with the data referenced, please email: peter.kattan@gmail.com

Everyone is welcome to share their opinions using the comments section of each post. Comments are not moderated so every comment will be posted regardless of those opinions with the exception of spam, course language and discriminatory behaviour. I will remove any comment that resembles the latter.

The purpose of the blog is to share useful content and to inspire the visitors. I am not paid for any post or content found within this blog. If that changes, I will provide full disclosure as necessary. This blog was created to meet the requirements of the Foundations of Digital Communications Strategy and Social Media course with the UofT.

Feel free to use, share and distribute the contents of this blog as you wish. All I ask is that you attribute the original author and provide a direct link back to the original content.

If you have questions or concerns with this policy, please email: peter.kattan@gmail.com


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