Does drawing allow us to be set free?

Although I wrote before about creativity and how we grow out of it over the years if we don’t practice. How schools educate us to become workers rather than creative thinkers.

I also noticed while I’m searching for a new topic to write about, I saw that there is a pattern that’s repeating itself. A pattern that most motivational speakers and writers address – creativity, passion, doing what we love to do, staying connected to one another and most importantly staying connected to ourselves…

It’s time to talk about how we should stay connected to our inner self, make sure we know who we are. Allowing ourselves to be who we are by challenging ourselves and the world around us to stay true to ourselves.

Who told us we couldn’t draw? It’s not really about drawing – it’s about exploring our emotions and feelings through drawing. When I was a little boy, my mother saw my drawing and doodling, she said you are going to be an artist one day! Well, of course, everyone thought she want’s me to be one because she’s an artist herself.

I also was writing and drawing with my left hand and the teacher at school tried to teach me to use my right hand. My parents refused and said, leave the boy to do what he wants! I didn’t get that back then but I understood later on. It’s not about just wanting me to be another artist in the family, it’s about growing to be or love who I wanted to be. Funny enough, I ended up studying Fine Arts and Graphic Design and have been commissioned to do artwork or installations here and there.

It’s sad to see some people out there being controlled, pushed into doing things they don’t want because their parents like them to be this or that. I might be going to the extreme here but yes, I believe it all boils down to pressure and suppressiveness. If we get controlled or told we can and can’t do – we lose the faith in ourselves and we inevitably lose hope…

So, challenge yourself, stick to what you believe, allow yourself to explore and enjoy the creative freedom of expression without consciousness.

I really enjoyed watching this talk on TEDxUBIWiltz by Alex Box – speaking about “Who told you you couldn’t draw?” She addresses this topic in a very interesting way and I deeply resonate with her.

Alex Box studied and exhibited as an installation artist before training to become a make-up artist; recognized for pushing and blurring the boundaries between technology, art, and commerce with both visionary digital collaborations, Alex serves as the creative director and co-founder of cult cosmetics line Illamasqua.

Hope you enjoy the talk and please comment, share and spread the freedom of creativity.


Published by: everchangingchameleon

I'm an International, multidisciplinary artist and creative thinker with 10+ years of intensive fine arts, branding and advertising experience. I'm passionate about creating powerful messages through my work. My comprehensive experience and expertise is built on a solid formal education, a Bachelors in Graphic Design and a Certificate in Information Architecture & User Experience. My strategic thinking and meticulously planning has been recognized as critical to the difference between success and failure across many industries; Advertising, Interior Decorating, Styling, Events and Fine Arts. I speak global fluently - my international experience working for major brands over the last decade has made him acutely sensitive to cultural diversity and the needs of a global audience. As a result, I think and communicate differently. I utilize all the knowledge and experience I have gained catering creatively to different cultures in different countries. I have a big world vision and I encourage innovation, fearlessness, openness and inspiration in all the work I do. In the past few years, I started exploring other aspects of art and design. I'm focusing more on modern sculpture, painting and designing his own furniture collection - areas I never thought I would tap into...

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