Fake it till you make it!

I’m all about being yourself and not pretending or trying to be someone you’re not. I see a lot of people out there try so hard to convince themselves or others that they have much more money than they actually have, live the lifestyle that they can’t really afford, say we’ve done this and we’ve done that and they haven’t. I used to look at them differently and I was always wondering why would someone do that? And as much I as I don’t like that, I finally came along to understand what it actually means.

Apparently, it’s a mechanism that some people use to deal with how they project their dreams into reality, a way to project themselves to others or a way to see themselves where they belong before they actually reach there. They use it when they meet someone on a date, when they go for a job interview, or just when they feel there is the need to spread their beautiful feathers like a Peacock to show off and hide their weakness…

Maybe we all do it, maybe I do it but I don’t even know… Do we fake it till we make it or do we fake it till we become it?

I would like to share with you this talk by Amy Cuddya Social Psychologist who did a search on body language reveals that we can change other people’s perceptions  and even our own body chemistry – simply by changing body positions.

Please watch, share, comment and tell me your thoughts.



Published by: everchangingchameleon

I'm an International, multidisciplinary artist and creative thinker with 10+ years of intensive fine arts, branding and advertising experience. I'm passionate about creating powerful messages through my work. My comprehensive experience and expertise is built on a solid formal education, a Bachelors in Graphic Design and a Certificate in Information Architecture & User Experience. My strategic thinking and meticulously planning has been recognized as critical to the difference between success and failure across many industries; Advertising, Interior Decorating, Styling, Events and Fine Arts. I speak global fluently - my international experience working for major brands over the last decade has made him acutely sensitive to cultural diversity and the needs of a global audience. As a result, I think and communicate differently. I utilize all the knowledge and experience I have gained catering creatively to different cultures in different countries. I have a big world vision and I encourage innovation, fearlessness, openness and inspiration in all the work I do. In the past few years, I started exploring other aspects of art and design. I'm focusing more on modern sculpture, painting and designing his own furniture collection - areas I never thought I would tap into...

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